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Divvy: The gateway to share payments

Divvy and rule

Allow your customers to split their payments

Whether they are payments or subscriptions, your customers will be able to split them with friends, family and co-workers; adapting your business to the new consumer habits of your users. Read our article about collaborative payments on our blog

How does it work?

Customizable, simple and fast

Payment split

Your customer adds the people with whom they are going to share the payment and splits the amount in the way they want.

Share link

Your client shares the link with the payers. If they have their friend's email, a link will be automatically sent to them.

Check the payments status

Your customer can control the status of all payments, and will also be notified when they are made.

What does it really do?

Payment is divided between different people. Each person can pay in the way they choose among the business payment options. When all of them have paid, the merchant receives a notification and the order can be confirmed. According to the type of business there are two possible variants that we will explain below and that allow to receive the payment immediately or not.

When everyone pays

The person who divides the payment is not required to participate in the purchase. Each person is charged only the part that they have to pay and when everyone has chipped in, the merchant is notified that the payment has been made. If the expiration date is reached and not everyone has paid their share, a refund is made to the people who did pay, the whole payment is canceled and the business is notified.


When the payment is split

The person who divides the payment is required to participate in the purchase. When making the division they must have available the full amount that is to be paid as it is retained in the means of payment they have chosen. The merchant is then notified that the payment has been made. When everyone pays their part, the main payer is charged only their share, and the rest is released. In the event that the expiration date of the payment is reached and not all the people involved have paid, the main payer is charged their share and that of everyone else who haven't paid, and the rest is released. In this variant payment is always confirmed.

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